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fly-fishing tackle There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fly-fishing outfit.  The rod, reel, and accessories you choose will depend greatly upon what kind of waters you are fishing in and what kind of fish you hope to catch.

Rods come in different lengths, and are classified by the weight of line they ideally cast.  The higher the number, the heavier the line the rod can cast.  A short, seven-foot rod, for example, would be suitable for brooks, streams, and small bodies of water, and is ideal in situations where there is undergrowth or the need to throw a line down with as little disturbance as possible.  On the other end of the spectrum, a nine-foot rod is suitable for any type of moving water and can be used most anywhere, except in very small waters.

Reels are a reservoir for the line, and different reels are suitable for different kinds of line.  Look for a light reel that fits your rod and has a strong reel seat.  Reels are made of graphite and aluminum.

fly-fishing flies Fly lines come in different weights.  Depending upon the type of fishing you are doing, some are meant to float on the surface, while others sink at different rates.  Serious fly fishermen have many different types of line stored on separate spools.

The leader is the fly-fishing tackle item which ties the fly to the fly line.  Leaders can be made of many different materials.

A Flytier Glues an Artificial Fly to a Fishhook

The most important consideration when fly-fishing are the actual flies you use.  Flies imitate different foods that fish are attracted to, so the fisherman's arsenal of flies will depend upon what kind of fish he is planning to catch.  Flies can be bought ready-made at bait and tackle shops, or they can be made at home.  Fly making is considered an art form, as the quality of the fly will greatly affect your entire fishing experience.

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