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fly fisherman Anyone can learn to fly fish.  All you need is the right equipment, a body of water, and some patience.  Fly-fishing beginner lessons are often available from fly-fishing outfitters and guide services.

The sport is called fly-fishing because artificial flies, which the fish think are food, are tied on to sharp hooks.  The flies, which are made of feathers, fur, and other synthetic material look like various insects and encourage the fish to bite.  Different flies are used depending upon the type of fish, type of water, and time of year.  As a matter of fact, knowing which fly to use is an art in itself!

fly-fishing People have been putting dinner on the table via fly-fishing since the third century, when wooden rods and lines made of horsehair were used.  Today the equipment is much more advanced, with rods of different lengths and lines of different weights available depending upon where you are fishing, as well as what kind of fish you are catching.

What makes fly-fishing different from other types of fishing is the way in which you present the bait.  Because the flies are weightless, in fly-fishing you use the weight of the line to cast the fly.  In other types of fishing, you use the rod to cast the weight of the lure.

The art of fly-fishing lies in the fact that fly fishermen can use the weight of the line to make the fly do what they want.  By correctly manipulating the fly line, the fisherman can make the insect behave as a live insect, further enticing the fish to bite.

A Fly Fisherman Wades into a Mountain Stream

Fly-fishing is a beautiful sport, and the most successful fly fishermen execute their casts with perfect timing and grace.  Fly-fishing is a relaxing way to spend the day, and a wonderful way to explore the environment.

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